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Topkapı Palace

The oldest and largest palace which could survive up to-day in the World is Topkapı Palace where was administrative center of Ottoman Empire for nearly 400 years in the hills of Sarayburnu. It covered Sultanahmed, Golden Horn and Bosporus Bay. Its actual area was approximately 700.000 m2. Its construction was started in the era of Fatih Sultan Mehmet (1451 – 1481) in 1465. Its first name was “Saray-ı Cedîd-i Âmire” in Ottoman protocol and means “New Palace”. Fatih wanted the palace to be consist of lots of mansions and flats instead of a single building.

Placa construction was stated upon this demand. It became Topkapı Palace by doing continuous additions and amendments and being enlarged to supply the needs. In the era of Sultan Mahmud II in the year of 1825, there was a new wooden palace with the name of “Topkapı Palace”. And the whole new palace was called as “Topkapı Palace”. Lots of mansions and flats are ruined by fire and railway construction. It is used as museum with the order of Atatürk on 3 April 1924. Its location is acropolis hill where is known as the first site of establishment, where you could see Golden Horn, Bosphorus and Marmara Sea.