Berce Hotel Sultanahmet


The name which was given to the area where Sultan Ahmed Square is located until nineteenth century. There was a hippodrome, and car and horse races were placed in Byzantium Age. Hippodrome, where maintained its importance after the conquest of İstanbul, witnessed horse races, javelin throwing games, circumcision feasts and religious festivals. Ottoman’s seal was set on the square by building magnificent monuments such as İbrahim Pasha Palace, Sokullu Mehmed Pasha Mansion and Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque).

There was a conflict occurred between janissaries and chivalry men in the era of Sultan IV.Mehmed (1648).  Janissaries stampeded chivalry men who turned Sultanahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) into a headquarter. After this event to which given the name of  “Horse Square (Hippodrome) Event”, the effect of janissaries guild masters were increased. Later on, the square witnessed “Plane Event” and “Vak’a-i Hayriye”.

There were some historical monuments left in the area where was built over as a park in the era of Sultan Abdülaziz such as; Obelisk, Serpent Column, Walled Obelisk. The first local goods expo was first opened here in 1863. The German Fountain (“The Kaiser Wilhelm Fountain”), an octagonal domed fountain in neo-Byzantine style, which was constructed by the German government in 1900 to mark the German Emperor Wilhelm II’s visit to Abdülhamid Khan in 1898, is located at the northern entrance to the Hippodrome area, right in front of the Blue Mosque. Greek occupation of İzmir which was supported by European Countries, was protested by thousands of people who gathered in this square(1919).  The square is now called Sultan Ahmet Meydanı (Sultan Ahmet Square).
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