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Binbirdirek Cistern

The Cistern is located in the east of Hippodrome. It was connected to the road with a gallery by cleaning in recent years.  The cistern which was restored and turned into an interesting, easy walking touristic attraction has a surface area of 64 x 56 meters. The cistern which was called with the name of its Constructor, Philoxenos in the history, was pristine from 4th century, Great Constantine era. 212 of 224 pieces original column could survive up to-day. Brick vaults of the area which is surrounded by thick walls and double columns which are supported with a cross partition support and their uncultivated caps present interesting scenes and views. Small sales stands, cafe and exhibition area and the section where you could see the original height of columns were built during construction. The floor of the cistern was later reinforced, so that only the upper column and a short sleeve of the lower column are thus visible. A part of the original exterior is now preserved on display near the entrance.